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     My oldest, and arguably most authentic style of glasswork. Exposed to stained glass in 1998  by my mother, Connie Gallen, who in turn learned from her aunt, Evie Noll-Borrell. This trade, embedded in our aritecture and culture, has been traditionally handed down through three generations. When time allows I mostly create works using the copper foil technique, depicting nature with an emphasis on line work and color value. 

Custom orders available $100-$150 per square foot

         *An additional fee will be added to orders larger than 5 square feet

         * All panels will be framed in zinc unless otherwise specified

If inquiring about a stained glass repair-

          Send e-mail with images and sizes 

         *Prices based on an hourly rate of $40 per hour. Materials included.

         *Due to the limited availability of glass it might not be possible to exactly match the              original piece.


Stained Glass

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